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Re: [GreenYes] why people recycle?
Yes I do.  I also separate the roller from the
deoderant bottle and clean so I can recycle the #2
part of it.  I have a "Misc Plastic" bin that I
collect those items that are not recycled at the
moment, like the dental floss container, hard plastic
packaging and bottle tops...etc.  Collecting this
stuff serves as constant reminder of the convenience
habits that I still maintain and that, I am
responsible for that which I "consume".

I agree with the notion of getting adults to see what
a landfill looks, smells and feels like.  What ever
can add to the population developing a greater sense
of self respect, personal responsibility and
concequence of our actions, will benefit the subject
we are talking about.....

...ok..I will get off my soap box now.  :)

Seattle, Wa 

--- Chris Sparnicht <> wrote:
> Does anyone actually recycle their
> toothpaste tubes? I.e. some come in a foil
> tube that technically, you could cut open
> and wash out.
> Does any toothpaste come in a truly
> recycleable tube? I mean they may say
> 'recycleable' on the outside, but does
> the recycle center actually take them in
> your area?
> I ask because the course of this thread
> seems to imply that we are 'locked' into
> stages of convenience. I recycle as much
> as I can - I even rinse my aluminum foil, 
> but not my toothpaste tubes.
> Anyone else do that?
> Chris
> ----- Original Message ----- 
> From: "debra lombard" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2001 11:49 AM
> Subject: [GreenYes] why people recycle?
> > [snip] I think it
> > is because they feel as if they are too busy to
> rinse that foil off or
> > too busy to figure out which bin to put their
> plastic container in. I
> > have tried to encourage people to recycle. I think
> it works sometimes
> > but many times those that do not recycle will not
> even if you make it
> > really easy for them.
> [snip]
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