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[GreenYes] Mr. Cato
Dear GRRN:

I’ve copied the emails I received from Mr. Cato. I think in the beginning
I tried to exchange emails with him (reference to his bashing of my
character in the last of the three emails below).  Since then, I have
just been too busy to reply to his comments.  And in reality, nothing I
say will change his mind or his style of emails.  It is interesting to
note that he usually sends his comments only to the originator of the
email that he finds offensive.  Or at least that is what shows when
checking the send to field.  Who else he could be bcc is an unknown.

I do know that it is a common tactic for people to join listserves for
the purpose of disrupting the discussion on those listserves.  This
action is called “freeping” and is conducted by “freepers”.   In Mr.
Cato’s case, he was an affective tool in drumming support to stop the
discussion on GRRN, of the ramifications of whether to actually count all
the Florida votes or not.  The end result of using this tactic in all
media markets and discussion groups is that republicans exerted more
pressure on the Florida situation, creating the national impression that
Americans did not care who won and just wanted the whole thing over.  And
resulted in stopping the actual count of all the votes.  And yes, as we
have seen over the past four months, this has lead to negative US and
international environmental policy and program ramifications.    Politics
has major impacts on environmental policy and it does matter who wins and
it is worth the time fighting for honest elections.

It is up to the GRRN Board to decide if someone’s presence on this
listserve is a benefit or a detriment.  I would recommend that you read
his comments and based on those he shared with me, make a decision about
whether he believes in GRRN’s Mission and Principles.  If you decide he
does not and given the pain he has caused other GRRN members, then block
him from this listserve.  

If his comments help improve the discussion of the issue, if they bring
in new insights and point out where further research is needed, then he
is providing a service to the GRRN listserve.  And he should stay.  But I
don’t find his comments to contribute to the discussion.  I find them
inflammatory and unnecessary.  But they are effective, and as a result, I
am more careful in posting information and less interested in entering
any philosophical policy discussion on the GRRN listserve.  A little hate
goes a long way in taking joy out of life and energy out of activism.


Ann Schneider

This was Mr. Cato’s response to a posting I forwarded about a workplace
discriminitation suit against Coca-Cola where I suggested that we might
find additional shareholder allies for the Coke Campaign.

--------- snip -------

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:27:14 EST
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Other Coke boycotts
Message-ID: <>


What is the correlation between Afro-Americans and Coke that seems to
you so?

Do you think that quotas are supposed to be normal, or do you think Coke
the right to promote who they think will get the job done? 

It sounds like you want to support allocation regardless of merit or 
capabilities just as long it is a black presence there in the grass.

Will never happen.

Dr. Paul Cato
Atlanta, Georgia

------- end snip ----

This was in response to a posting on the makeup of the US Supreme Court.

------- snip --------

Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 11:08:17 EST
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Wondering about US Supreme Court
Message-ID: <>

Houston, Texas

I guess if Republicans and conservatives do not accept your standards of
morals; lying; and cheating in the White House and the DOJ (Reno);
on demand; theft of taxpayers monies at unconscionable rated (wealth 
redistribution); and other off-the-wall beliefs of the left agenda, then
suggest all democrats move to Africa or South America.

I further sugest that the judges are too old for the rigors of the job at
Supreme Court. If a moderate like O'Connor felt the court was too
what does that tell you?

The clash between good and evil is going to be even nastier next time,
there will be a next time. We will no longer accepts queers half nude 
parading don the street in front of our kids. The smut houses will be run
of our neighborhood in due time, one way or another.

The fact is, Al Gore was a Clinton clone. A pathological liar and a bad 

It is our turn, baby, ands we will chart better and clear courses without
fraud so prevalent in the Clinton years.

Dr. Paul Cato
Atlanta, Georgia

------ end snip ----

And I guess I tried to reply to him, and here was his response back.

-------- snip --------

Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 13:04:00 EST
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Last Chance to Try to Stop Ashcroft Nomination
Message-ID: <>

Januray 30, 2001


It is not bashing.

If you think that Janet Reno was a "role model," then I rest my case.

You people cannot stand integrity, honesty, fair play, or conservative 
agendas since is will not allow you to get your agendas through the
or state houses, but through active liberal judges. We want that stopped,

The conservatives won, and it is their turn at the gate.

Personally, I was a Steve Forbes guy in 1996 and a McClain guy in 2000. 
Obviously I put integrity and honor above all else.

Ashcroft will be nominated, and we know the murdering Senator from Mass
the ever unfaithful husband, Ted Kennedy, will lead the charge along with
brain dead buddy from Delaware, Senator Biden.

I hope you can see that in the next ten years there may well be a liberal
conservative camps in this country, Ann, and I personally predict all out

violence between the camps. I would like to be wrong, but when 98% of the

land mass in this country voted for Bush, as evident by the newly
voting pattern maps, then something is wrong. The electoral college will 
never be discarded. This last election showed us why not to.

I am glad I will not be embarrassed in Europe anymore with Bill Clinton
office. His wife, unfortunately, is a bigger liar and thief as he is, but
is a democrat, and that makes it okay, right?

It is time to clean up the political landscape with honorably people, not
liars, thieves, and cheats so prevalent in Congress now. 

Dr. Paul Cato

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