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[GreenYes] Training for 18-29 year olds in Democratic Process
PLEASE REPOST WIDELY!! -- May 16, 2001

[Constructively responding to the debacle in Florida, eight civil
  rights and multi-issue organizations have very quickly put together
  a summer training institute geared for young progressives.

  They need help publicizing this to potential attendees -- they have
  to fill something like 20 slots in the next ten days.  This will be
  a fantastic opportunity for people who are 18 to 29 years of age
  who want to learn practical skills for 1 week and optionally spend
  their whole summer working for a social justice organization.

  The location is: Tallahassee, Florida.
  Please send any questions to

-rich cowan ]

Democracy Summer 2001
June 17-23, 2001
Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida

Democracy Summer 2001 is the coming-out party of a diverse, multi-ethnic
young people's movement to take back the reins of power over our own

First: a Democracy Institute June 17-23, 2001 on democratic reform and
organizing skills.  The Institute is at Florida A&M University right in
the state capital-Ground Zero of the new movement for electoral justice.

Then: Following the Institute, participants will have the opportunity to
spend time working with on-the-ground projects and campaigns on
electoral reform in Florida and elsewhere.*

Who's Coming: (the following are some of the guests who are coming or
who have been invited)

          -Cornel West                    -Maxine Waters
          -Cynthia McKinney               -Ron Daniels
          -Ralph Nader                    -Lani Guinier
          -Medea Benjamin                 -Matt Jones
          -Gwen Patton                    -Ted Glick
          -Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou           -Stephanie Wilson
          -Molly McGrath                  -Kemba/Gus Smith
          -Mel King                       -YOU!

  Workshops On:


-Butterfly Ballots, Roadblocks & Pregnant Chads: the Florida Election
-Historic Voting Rights Struggles & How They Continue Today
-Overt & Discriminatory Actions Against Voters of Color
-How Electoral Issues Connect w/ Other Struggles for Social & Economic
-Public-not corporate!-Financing of Political Campaigns
-Opening Up the System & Making Voting Easier
-Equal Access for Third Party & Nontraditional Candidates
-Why 50% of the Population Has Dropped Out of Politics
-and every point of the Voters' Bill of Rights*


-Creative Action for Electoral Reform
-Lobbying Do's and Don'ts
-Community Outreach and Organizing
-Building a Diverse Movement
-How to Talk to, Influence and Spin the Media
-Organizing in and Beyond College Campuses
-Arts and Activism
-Roundtable: What Works/What Doesn't


-Film Showings          -Live Music
-Open Mic Night         -Poetry Slam
-Reality Tour of Tallahassee: Poverty and Public Health

Sponsoring Organizations: Center for Voting and Democracy, Democracy
Matters, Fannie Lou Hamer Project, Global Exchange, Independent
Progressive Politics Network (IPPN), Institute for Policy
Studies/Progressive Challenge, NAACP Youth and College Division,
National Coalition on Black Civic Participation/Black Youth Vote.

Application (Please return right away)

Name: ________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Phone: ________________________
Email: _________________________
University or Organizational Affiliation
Race(s) (optional)________________

  Do you want to be matched with an internship as a field organizer
following the Institute? (Note that most internships are

Answer on a separate page:
1. What are your particular interests relating to electoral reform and
the Voters' Bill of Rights?
2. What do you hope to get out of Democracy Summer?

Fees and scholarships:

Registration fee is $300 including room and board. We are committed to
making sure that nobody is turned away due to lack of funds. Please
contact us or see our website for information on scholarships and
fundraising. Internship placement and support is free all summer.

Send you're application back to (or for questions or comments):
Democracy Summer c/o Institute for Policy Studies
733 15th St. NW, Suite 1020
Washington, DC 20005
202-234-9382 x. 257

*If you are with a group that is interested in hosting one or more
interns, please be in touch.

**Voters' Bill of Rights: Strict enforcement of the Voting Rights Act;
Abolition of the Electoral College; Clean money elections; Instant
Runoff Voting; Proportional Representation; Voting rights for
ex-prisoners; Make voting easier and more reliable; Easier candidate
access to the ballot, media and debates; Independent and non-partisan
election bodies; Statehood for the District of Columbia


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