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Re: [GRRN] Mr. Cato
Ann Schneider wrote:
>  And he should stay.  But I
> donít find his comments to contribute to the discussion.  I find them
> inflammatory and unnecessary.  But they are effective, and as a result, I
> am more careful in posting information and less interested in entering
> any philosophical policy discussion on the GRRN listserve.  A little hate
> goes a long way in taking joy out of life and energy out of activism.

I have to say this straight out - Cato is the lowest of the low on the
Planet - I for one will never be intimidated by the ravings of a
bigoted  excuse of a human being, whose mind is so twisted that he would
put a double helix screw to shame - out with his ilk, I say!

I hereby formally put it to the list that Cato be removed forthwith from
the list.

If we do not stand up to idiots like Cato, then we are a sorry bunch
indeed..... it is people like him that give the US a bad name, and quite
frankly, giving space to people, whose minds are so narrow they fit
within a pencil line with ease, is giving space to oxygen thieves...

Come on, Greenyes! Away with anti-Life people, Away!


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