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Re: [GRRN] energy (and other) savings through recycling
tomd wrote:
> Please excuse a lurker, but I felt I had to respond to part of this.
> :
> >         Recycling can help create energy by providing the raw materials we
> > need to generate electricity.
> >
> >         Some of the ways we can do that include converting methane gas
> > from landfills to energy, transforming old tires into electricity at
> > special plants, and using organic materials like wood chips and forestry
> > and agriculture waste to fuel biomass plants that, in turn, generate
> > electricity to power California homes and businesses.
> >
> >         The Waste Board is looking at all of these possibilities and
> > working closely with the Governor's Office to meet California's energy
> > needs on all fronts.
> > ****************************************************
> This is NOT recycling. This is burning waste for fuel.

agreed - burning any waste, with any technology known, WILL produce
harmful off gases - dioxins, furans, SO2, NOx, etc... this is no answer
- just a blind alley designed by (mainly) the packaging industry - in
fact, "energy from waste" is already attempting to be imposed in many
countries, and some of us are fighting that, as it is simply not
sustainable - they rely on a guaranteed supply of waste, and put the
pollutants into the great landfill in the sky - also, the energy lost
(between what it took to make the product, and what we get from burning
it) leads to an overall inefficiency...

do resist all these attempts - true recycling, after we have phased out
as many "single use" products as possible, means using the material to
make other products, not to turn it into toxic ash and air pollution...

take care all...


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