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Re: [GRRN] Paul Cato's messages
Paul Goettlich wrote:
> When I first read the Cato message, I thought I was misunderstanding it. But
> subsequent readings confirmed that its meaning was heavily flawed on all
> counts. His kind of thought process troubles me deeply.


> That leads to the point that while intelligence is a highly valued
> attribute, it is utterly useless without common sense. 

common sense isn't (common, I mean! ) sorry, couldn't resist that...

> The St. Joe Valley Greens < >, in South Bend, told
> me that they had an anti-Bush demonstration planned, but were completely
> excluded from the campus by extremely tight security. 

sounds like the Old South Africa - used to be a daily occurrence, and a
lot more violent.....

> The typical person in the US is far from being in touch with reality because
> 99.99% of the media is owned by the same corporations that are pushing
> corporate globalization, monoculture farming, pesticides, genetic
> engineering, nuclear power, coal power, oil power, internal combustion
> vehicles, an end to birth control, and so on.  This is not to absolve them
> of wrong-doing, but merely a fact.

absolutely - the accepted versions of events / information can be summed
up so: we are the experts; we are paid by the people who wish to pollute
and profit; we say it is ok, according to our limited Northern view of
what sceince is science and what is acceptable, as well as acceptable
levels of "risk"; so if we say it is fine, it is, and anybody who says
otherwise, even if they are wonderfully qualified, are emotional and

> It took me a long time -- years -- to realize that everything I learned in
> school was misinformation. 

yup! they did not teach us: how to think; how to query; and real life
skills - crikey, we (and until today) had to wear school uniforms - like
the bloody military!!

>Your life and those of the other inhabitants of
> the world never leave my thoughts. Together we will succeed.

Thank you - may the Planet bless you with much strength, wisdom , love,
compassion, happiness and energy..... together, we WILL succeed - there
is no alternative....


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