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Re: [GRRN] Paul Cato's messages
Joe Truini wrote:
> I appreciate the generalization of the media. I would respond, but I
> first must clear it through the corporate sponsors, the Communist
> Party, the dictators and the ghost of Benito Mussolini that run my
> publication and control my thoughts.

although I have been giggling at this all morning, I must say it IS
frightening how often we come across people who believe what they are
told by the media - one we come across here, during our anti-nukes work,
is the old propoganda that "only 35 people died due to Chernobyl" ...

misinformation, greenwash, etc. is an incredibly powerful tool - for
example, how many newpapers would continue to run articles attacking the
environmental record of their key, large budget, corporate advertisers?

anyway, fortunately for us all, there is much media out there, maybe not
that well funded, but has avoided bowing to those mega-moguls, and to
them all - bravo! keep it up!


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