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Re: [GRRN] Wind Power wrote:
> Windpower is a great concept and I hope there are some tax dollars out there
> available to develop more.  I'm totally unfamiliar with wind power other than
> being amazed when driving by on the Interstate and seeing dozens of windmills
> "walking" across the hills north of Palm Springs.  Does anyone have some
> quick facts on windpower they can share with this group?
Go to the website for the eu, and search for this:
European Commission
Directorate-General for Energy

or just do a general search - I have the doc, but it is something that I
should not post to the list..


visit our site: for 3 key documents:
Why not Nuclear
Renewable energy
Why Nuclear does not make climate sense..
(free downloads)

we have produced these for our local anti0nuke camapign...

hope it helps!


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