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Re: [GreenYes] Paul Cato's messages
I appreciate the generalization of the media. I would respond, but I first must clear it through the corporate sponsors, the Communist Party, the dictators and the ghost of Benito Mussolini that run my publication and control my thoughts.

>>> "Paul Goettlich" <> 05/22/01 11:19AM >>>
Dear Muna et al,

When I first read the Cato message, I thought I was misunderstanding it. But
subsequent readings confirmed that its meaning was heavily flawed on all
counts. His kind of thought process troubles me deeply.

That leads to the point that while intelligence is a highly valued
attribute, it is utterly useless without common sense. The fact that George
Bush spoke at the commencements of both the University of Notre Dame
(Indiana) and Yale University illustrates this fusion of intelligence with a
lack of common sense on the part of the boards of directors and

The St. Joe Valley Greens < >, in South Bend, told
me that they had an anti-Bush demonstration planned, but were completely
excluded from the campus by extremely tight security. On a normal day, ND
has tight security because it is a separate city and not part of South Bend,
which surrounds it. They have their own police and regulations, allowing
them to routinely exclude and heavily censor outgoing information. There
were more than the normal number of helicopters floating around on
commencement day.

Communication between ND and South Bend is minimal. In other words, it's a
perfect place for Bush.

The typical person in the US is far from being in touch with reality because
99.99% of the media is owned by the same corporations that are pushing
corporate globalization, monoculture farming, pesticides, genetic
engineering, nuclear power, coal power, oil power, internal combustion
vehicles, an end to birth control, and so on.  This is not to absolve them
of wrong-doing, but merely a fact.

It took me a long time -- years -- to realize that everything I learned in
school was misinformation. Your life and those of the other inhabitants of
the world never leave my thoughts. Together we will succeed.

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From: "Muna Lakhani" <>
To: "Gary Liss" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2001 1:20 PM
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Paul Cato's messages

> Gary Liss wrote: I nominate Dr. Paul Cato
> > to be evaluated in that regard.
> >
> I heartily second that, freedom of speech notwithstanding - hate speech
> is out of order - simple - I suppose that Cato will whinge about his
> rights being limited, but he should thank his lucky stars that all we
> wish to do is just that, and not any further sanction, or outing of his
> views....
> Muna


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