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Re: [GRRN] Good Morning Vietnam! and the Diversely Sorry President
Paul Goettlich wrote:
> Your racial comments do not have a place on this listserve.

agreed - in South Africa, we are well aware of the insidious rascism
that is shown here, so pelase spare us such references....

> > Well, Paul, just look at the alternatives.
> >
> > Blacks back to Africa and the Caribbean. Hispanics back to Mexico, Central
> > and South America. You people better wake up and look at the sorry
> > alternatives before you keep wining about minorities.

also, you should maybe check your spelling... but anyway: the nuclear
threat here is also alive and well - the latest being a proposed
radwaste smelter, to be "commercialised" once the current crop of
radwaste is "treated", no doubt imported from your beautiful country,
the worst kind of environmental rascism...

tuppence worth....


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