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Re: [GreenYes] Good Morning Vietnam! and the Diversely Sorry President
Dr. Cato

Your racial comments do not have a place on this listserve.

Are you related to the CATO Institute? Please tell me about the "sorry
alternatives." The "sorry alternatives" I know about are nuclear power,
coal, and oil. The "real alternatives" are:

2) Wind Power
3) Solar Power
4) Conservation

Calling them alternatives is misleading as they are proven technologies
while the others -- nukes, coal, and oil -- cannot survive without trillions
of dollars in annual government subsidies and protection which benefit only
the corporations and not the consumers.

Diversely sorry president Bush's idea is based on greed -- cold-hearted,
blue-blooded, unforgiving greed.

Furthermore, a large percentage of citizens in the US still believe the
industry myth that nuclear power is clean.

Industry has been protected from their own shortsightedness and greed by
legislators creating a situation where citizens will be paying for nuclear
waste long after anyone remembers where it came from, and quite possibly,
that it is toxic at all.

Industry also manages to conceal the fact that the fuel for the nuclear
plants is created using massive amounts of coal-fired power generated by
outdated plants that spew mercury, NOx and other pollutants directly into
the air.

Also not mentioned by the nuclear industry is the devastation to the land by
strip-mining and spoils, followed closely by combustion coal waste being
dumped into open pits to destroy the streams and ground water.

The other sorry alternatives - coal, oil, etc.  -- follow the same type of
logic. Clean coal, clean nuclear, clean oil, clean gas... all the same myth
from the same corporations.

Best regards,

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> Friday
> Well, Paul, just look at the alternatives.
> Blacks back to Africa and the Caribbean. Hispanics back to Mexico, Central
> and South America. You people better wake up and look at the sorry
> alternatives before you keep wining about minorities.
> Dr. Paul Cato
> Atlanta, Georgia

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