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Re: [GRRN] Paul Cato's messages wrote:
> Tuesday
> When you develop the intelligence level to understand what I am saying, then
> one consider you ability to vote intelligently if such a vote was declared
> necessay.

firstly, I would appreciate it if you sent all your responses to the
list, as that is where this debate is taking place - or do you have a
problem with debating out in the open?

> Maybe we should qualifiy voting with an intelligence test. It is sorley
> lacking in this country. The Florida voting mess was a prime example of
> people who could not even understand a simple ballot. Next they will give the
> voting test verbally, and they will still screw it up.

This is rich, coming from a country where the President cannot speak
English; does not understand issues, and makes a botch of everything he
says that is not written for him by lobby groups..... the leader in
worldwide democracy? with your attitude, and the problems your country
has, I think not! and to blame the "minorities" for botching the
elections, I would hardly call the (just under) 50% that voted for Dubya
the "minority"!

> Does anybody even understand what is being said here, or are you over
> reacting to something that I keep missing? 

I think you are missing a lot - for example, if it was not for the
genocidal history of the USA, all "whites" would be a minority....

>You really do not want to start a
> racial dialogue with me.

bring it on - we tackled and beat institutionalised apartheid; you sir,
are quite frankly small fry....
> The statement was clear. Minorities in this country have a choice if they do
> not like our energy policies. That simple. 

so seeing that a minority elected your Bush, then they are the ones who
also have a choice - this sort of rascist claptrap went out with Hitler
- wake up - we are all 99,999% exactly the same - if you have a problem
being counted in the same world as "minorities" then do us all a favour
- depart!

> Let tyhe air in.

PS Given the quality of your English and spelling, maybe there is
already too much air in YOUR head....


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