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[GreenYes] McCoy & Orr
Hey, I don't know Ms. McCoy or Mr. Orr personally, but I do feel it's fair
to address organizations and corporations for their past/present/future
actions that are anti-environment.  That being said, I believe it's fair to
be cautious of even the most friendly green campaign based upon past
actions.  If the AF & PA were to come out with the most ambitious and
conscientious waste prevention/recycling program ever imagined it would be
valid to express credibility issues.  I'm heartfelt to hear that someone so
ingratiated to the earth as Ms. McCoy (based upon earlier message) is adding
her 2cents from within the industry, but I hardly believe the AF & PA has
really made fundamental changes to business as usual.  Nothing personal
here - keep up the cautious attitude Mr. Orr.

Yours in the struggle,
Timothy J.W. Logan

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> Hey folks,
> I'm being accused of something of which I'm not guilty.  Let me remind
> every one that I specifically stated that I have no reason to doubt Ms.
> McCoy's  sincerity.  How is that character assassination?
> I DID attack the AF&PA, and they certainly deserve to be attacked.  I'm
> really surprised that some folks on this listserve seem to be defending
> the biggest forest-destroying propaganda machine in the history of the
> Earth.
> I stand by my comments, and I reiterate that they should NOT be construed
> as a personal attack on Ms. McCoy.  She may be a perfectly nice person.
> It's her employer that is worthy of condemnation.
> David Orr


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