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RE: greenyes-d Digest V01 #101
Frank does a much nicer job than me of saying that sort of near character-assination really has no place on this list-serve.

Using David's logic, he should soon be renouncing his US citizenship b/c the US gov't is at least as environmentally damaging as the members of the AF&PA. Doesn't the same ethical conundrum (read: strawman) apply?

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> I do know Christine McCoy - I have known her for about 2 years and have read her posts on my local community listserv for at least that long.
> Christine is my neighbor and she makes a huge personal commitment and sacrifice for the environment.  This is the third year in a row that she has personally spearheaded through her force of personality an Earthday project to clean-up my neighborhood.  Many who know her would say she does more for the neighborhood and the environment than anyone else they know, hands down. She does not own a car, but walks, rides her bike, or uses public transportation.
> I can not recall where Christine worked prior to AF&PA, but she took this job since I met her.  I think she finds it a challenge and an opportunity to lead and be a change agent in an organization that does not always have the best reputation in environmental social circles.  In her position at AF&AP she has the opportunity to change minds where many decisions about the environment are made.  I can't say she would always be successful in her efforts (who is?), but I can not fathom Christine being rolled by anyone.  She is polite, but speaks her mind.  She takes action.  I am sure her employers know she is an environmentalist.
> Frank Nickerson
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> >In the meantime, you may want to check out 
> >our website for general information on paper and wood recycling. 
> While I don't know Ms. McCoy, nor do I have any reason to doubt her 
> sincerity on a personal level, I would strongly caution all subscribers 
> to this list that the American Forest & Paper Association is the timber 
> industry's mouthpiece and a major obstructive force against forest 
> protection efforts in this country and abroad. To the extent they 
> promote paper and wood recycling, it is as a defensive measure, i.e., to 
> be able to defend against charges that they prefer to cut down trees to 
> promote recycling. 
> If the AF&PA and its member companies cared about recycling, we would 
> have a lot more post-consumer waste recycling in this country. For 
> example, it was back in the early days of the Clinton Administration when 
> the white house proposed a minimum PCW content rule for the Government 
> Printing Office. Who shot that down? The AF&PA and some of its biggest 
> member companies. 
> So take what they tell you with a block of salt. I won't be checking 
> their website for any information, other than to see what sort of 
> self-serving propaganda the timber industry puts out on a given day or on 
> a given topic. 
> Good luck to Ms. McCoy in her job. It is a serious ethical challenge for 
> an environmentalist to work for the world's biggest advocate for forest 
> destruction. 
> David Orr 
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