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[GRRN] SW Mgt. Policy
At a recent retreat of my waste district board, it became obvious that before decisions were made about program or facility development the board needed to understand their roles and responsibilities. We are preparing our new 5 and 10 year plan.  I was consequently directed to prepare a list of policy statements for them to debate and adopt (or not). 
For instance, a couple of board members have a strong lassez-faire attitude and want to shut down our drop-off and other facilities and throw the regions waste management program entirely into the lap of the private operators.  They feel this will produce the best of all possible worlds.  Others feel that we must be more than just educators but have a role in guiding, directing and guarranteeing the provision of services in the long term.  They are suspicious of all private waste management enterprise since money (motivation) is the root of all evil.  
EEAAHHH!!  I'm sure this has been done before (right?).  Does anyone know of published policy statements by other regional boards?  Any ideas?

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