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[GreenYes] Re: Your Plasma Report is technically dated

Read your e mailed materials and Share your thoughts with the group Monica.
PS your groups technical paper on Plasma Redux is technically dated and
does not apply for this style of system. Does look right on for most of the
other processes referenced.

And MSW is definitely a future waste to energy source using the much lower
cost and nearly three times efficient Low Voltage DC plasma " heat sink "
system. 4th order contained Heat not electrons and plasma does the actual work
hence the increase in efficiency. By way of reference :

SEE 4th order heat From James Watson Gasifier posting

: TBReed and All:

I'm not talking about using microwaves to gasify. Any piece of matter that
is at a temperature higher than absolute zero always emits electromagnetic
radiation at various intensities and at various wavelengths. The amount of
radiation emitted is primarily a function of the material properties and
temperature. This spectral distribution is commonly refered to as the Planck
Distribution. Microwaves are just one type of electromagnetic radiation. Visual
light, infra-red and ultra-violet are other types of radiation that occur in
certain wave bands across the spectrum.

Every piece of matter above absolute zero emits radiation, and this emission
occurs primarily in the visual, ultra-violet and infra-red bands. The
interesting point to note is that the radiation intensity increases with the
fourth power of temperature. This means that if the temperature of the object is
doubled, the radiation output increases by a factor of 16. In terms of
absolute temperature, 1260 degrees Celsius is (1260+273)/(20+273)=5.2 times as hot
as room temperature, and the amount of thermal radiation an object emits at
1260C is 731 times as much as compared to what it emits at room temperature.
This is very significant!

There are three modes of thermal transfer: conduction, convection and
radiation. At high temperatures, the primary mode of thermal transfer is
radiation. As well, electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light, so heat
transfer is virtually instantaneous inside a piece of equipment where radiation is
the primary mode. Inside a closed container, there is no place for the
radiation to transmit to, except to all the other points inside the container.
If there is feedstock inside the container, virtually all the radiation is
absorbed by the feedstock. This process is incredibly thermally efficient.

This is the process I am talking about. Has anyone ever heard of anything
like this? Please get back.

James Watson
Mechanical Designer / Analyst
MESH Technologies Ltd.
15 - 395 Berry Street
Winnipeg, MB CANADA R3J 1N6
PH (204) 831-0351 FX (204) 888-8702
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