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[GreenYes] Re: Biosolids. Sealed means independent testing !

Sealed means independent testing with the seal of the testing lab embossed
on the pages like a notary.

I will send you a copy off net of sampled sealed test info and the details
onmachine I observed which was greatly improved since 2004.

The energy balance varies depending on what is put in as is demonstrated in
the Westinghouse system. Plama reduic of Coal yield is much better than sewer

Plasma loves all plastics especially auto fluff.

Fla has lots of waste streams that are more or less pure high hydrocarbon
containing feedstock types this allows even greater efficiency and thruput.

By the way anyone that says Plasma is incineration is clueless on the
process. NO FLAME inert gas no oxygen involved. And really really clean. EPA
emissions sheet on Medical Waste will be sent to you off net.

AS far as cost is concerned the deal that the old plasma company made to my
county was FREE system contracted waste stream and agreed on price of
electrical power which was better than our existing Covanta contract. Lake Co has
one of three legacy waste to enegy plants in Fla. Uses Natural Gas to keep the
temps consistent and lots of water to control emissions. We also have a
class Blandfill and ash to contend with. And Lake CO also recycles glass,
plastic, cardboard and metals cans and white goods.

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