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[greenyes] Starbucks -- reusable beverage containers, recycled content, etc.

Dear GreenYes Collegues,

Re: Starbucks - Reusable beverage containers, recycled content,
corporate accountability on social and environmental issues

Starbucks has made some recent strategic marketing and expansion plans that
create an opportunity to influence a host of important social, environmental
and recycling policies. If you are interested in participating in a dialogue
and/or direct action, please read this message and respond via e-mail, fax or

Recycled content: Does anyone have specific information about the physical
limitations on using post-consumer recycling content in paper cups for hot
beverages? What about the cost?

Also, what about recycled content in plastic cups?

Reusable Beverage Containers: Starbucks policy of giving 10-cents off a
beverage when customers bring their own mugs or cups is part of company policy.
You can ask the store manager to post the information, as I did here in
Arlington, and then follow-up to make sure it is visible.

Also, most stores have "for here mugs", as an alternative to paper cups. But
few stores are equipped to handle large numbers of mugs. I've never seen a
dishwasher. Many stores have very little space.

Systematic changes are need in design and operations to encourage widespread
use of customer mugs and "for here mugs". An informal dialogue has been going
on with some managers and employees for some time, which I expect will be
raised to the corporate level in the very near future.

Corporate accountability: Community Solutions has been auditing some
Starbucks environmental and social policies for some time, beginning nearly 2 years
ago in a dialogue with staff and managers. Preliminary results will be
communicated to the CEO and senior management in the near future.

Groups or recycling leaders who are interested in corporate accountability
issues affecting Starbucks, or who have information to share from their own
work, please reply to this e-mail.

Lance King
Community Solutions
5615 26th Street N.
Arlington, VA 22207
Tel 703.536.7282
Fax 703.538-5504
Email lkingeco2@no.address

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