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RE: [greenyes] RE: [jtrnet] Starbucks

They let people bring there own cups in Sacramento, and give a ten cent
discount, but I agree it should be advertised. When I've gone there,
they've asked me if my cup is a vente or grande, and I point at my cup
and say, "It's that size" (I don't speak coffee).

I read recently that Starbuck's is increasing their Fair Trade coffee
program substantially. I also know that they were among the first
companies to research using biodegradable cups and most stores give away
their coffee grounds to interested composters and gardeners.

I spoke a few years back at the Specialty Coffee Association Of America
Conference in Southern California on solid waste diversion issues. The
session was moderated by Ben Packard, Starbuck's Environmental
Coordinator, and he and everyone else in the session seemed sincerely
concerned about environmental issues. VOCs from roasting operations was
a big one. I have worked with Ben a little since then, and the company
seems to be making slow progress. Part of the difficulty is in creating
change in such a huge company.

Of course, there is a deeper question of the sustainability of importing
billions of coffee beans, picked one at a time, to a country that is
geographically challenged to grow it's own. The logistics alone boggle
the mind. If only I weren't so addicted to caffeine...

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Hi Pat,

How do you know they give a dime? I have never seen anything saying that
That should be posted very clealy right at the register. And I agree
with you a quarter would get a lot of people bringing their own. I know
what Starbucks would say though........
Oh we couldn't ensure that the Starbucks quality would be consistent if
peopel bring in there own cup...what I would say is that Starbucks then
should decide to only use clean cups, from customers, and that shoudl be

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