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[greenyes] Call for Papers and Presentations International Dialog on the Proper Disposal

Call for Papers and Presentations
International Dialog on the Proper Disposal of Discards
San Francisco, California, August 26 and 27, 2004
This application is available to download and send electronically
on our website at

San Francisco is a Resource Management world leader. In 2002, the City
adopted a zero waste goal. During the Week of August 29 - September 1, 2004, they
will host the 2004 National Recycling Congress (NRC), and the entire the San
Francisco Bay Area will showcase their resource management programs to the
public as well as the conference attendees. Dozens of tours of reuse, recycling and
composting operations will be offered, and the Congress, should you choose to
register, will be a wealth of presentations, panels and workshops
highlighting new and innovative waste reduction and recycling programs.

Preceding the NRC, a two-day International Dialog will be held in San
Francisco - August 26 and 27, 2004. Organized by the Global Recycling Council (GRC),
a Technical Council of the California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA), it
is our intent for the Dialog to be global in focus and to publish the
findings as a textbook to be used in subsequent Resource Management trainings.

Problem Statement
At issue around the world is the proper management of residential and
commercial discards. Current disposal methods of incineration and landfill have
documented negative impacts on environment and resources use. A new consensus is
forming in the professional community that reflect concerns regarding the
proper disposal of discards relative to the protection of water, air quality and
the prevention of toxic materials being released in the environment.

A serious discussion on the social and environmental impacts of various
disposal technologies including: product redesign, clean production, recycling, and
composting needs to be held.

Current research quantifying impacts need to be documented. An overall
recommendation for best practices in modern disposal is an unmet need. The
integrated waste management approach of the eighties is in need of reexamination and
new approaches should be evaluated.

The current plan is for three focus groups: Incineration, Landfill, and
Resource Management through clean production, product redesign, recycling and
composting. International as well as local experts are invited to testify,
contribute written testimony and provide comments from the audience during the
discussions. The event will be recorded, transcribed and edited for publication.

Papers are requested to address one of the focus groups and discuss the
social and environmental impacts of these three approaches.

Incineration and Landfilling presentations could include but are not limited
to the following:

1) Capital and operating costs of systems
2) Financing techniques utilized
3) Air pollution control technologies used and emissions of criteria and
non-criteria pollutants
4) Water pollution control technologies used and discharges to surface
and ground waters
5) Improved monitoring techniques to assure protection of public health
and the environment
6) New techniques of mechanical and biological treatment of wastes
7) Impacts of source separating or banning targeted materials from
systems to increase reuse, recycling and composting of materials
8) Success in processing wastes before burning or burial

Resource Management presentations could include but are not limited to the

1) Dollars saved in electricity generation
2) Measurable savings of natural resources
3) Measurable savings in disposal costs
4) Savings through adoption of new technologies
5) Creating acceptance on all government levels of new technologies
measured by increase in their use on cleanup sites
6) Promoting the links between decreases in greenhouse gasses, diminished
energy use and waste minimization and recycling through articles published
and workshops held
7) Measurable protection of natural resources (e.g., acres preserved,
species protected)
8) Tons of waste diverted from landfilling or incineration
9) Amount of recycling capacity increased
10) Amount of increased recycled material utilization
11) Amount of secondary materials purchased
12) Greenhouse gas emissions reduced
13) Energy conserved and
14) Increase in energy efficiency.

Important: If your paper or presentation is selected, you will be required to
submit a written paper by June 30, 2004 for use as a handout on-site.
Abstracts must be postmarked by June 1, 2004 and written papers by June 30,
2004. We will accept original submissions only.

International Dialog would prefer to receive the Call for Presentations
electronically. Please submit your application as an e-mail attachment and send to:

For more information about the NRC Congress and tours in San Francisco:

San Diego, California

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