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I checked BAN's list of companies that they consider good stewards in recycling e-waste and is not listed, see You could contact BAN and ask if they know anything about

Also Robin Ingenthron, might be a resource for you to speak to or read his materials. His companies website ( He's written about scam recycling and reuse and has identified some interesting questions to ask representatives of computer recyclers to see weed out the bad and decide if they are legitimate. See the Publications part of his website.

I also might see if Scrapcomputer could show you the letters from their files that the material being shipped overseas has been accepted by the respective governments. Additionally if you go into contract with them you may want to consider limiting the countries where your goods will be sent to those that BAN (approves.

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> Greetings! I just took a call from a gentleman representing a company
> called that just opened a refurb/demanufacturing warehouse
> here in the Ann Arbor area. They are offering to pay for electronics that
> are either refurbished for sale in Africa, Egypt and elsewhere, or recycled.
> Has anyone heard of this company or have experience working with them?
> We've accepted computers and electronics at our Drop-off Station since April
> 2001, and have been using Unicor, but actively looking for a better
> alternative that is cost-comparable. This company is the first I've heard
> that is actually paying for equipment, rather than charging a per-ton or
> per-unit fee. By the way, we expect to reach our one millionth pound of
> recycled electronics within the next 2-3 weeks!
> Cheers,
> Melinda
> Recycle Ann Arbor
> Muerling at
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