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Re: [greenyes] Potential hazards of reuse of railroad ties

yes, that's true. I worked on a 31 mile long rails-to-trails project,
Tammany Trace, in Louisiana and we ended up selling the "trash" RR ties
that were not wanted by the cotractor which removed the RR ties from the
Bed for the paved trail. I do not know what the contractor did with the
ties as that contract was already in place before I started working on the
project & I couldn't get thoise details from them or the Parish, who owns
the trail.

The parish sold the trash ties for $0.25 to $0.50/ea and sold almost all
of them.

I would be glad to answer any questions about that.

It's my under standing that utility companies now use borates to treat
their utility poles, however, most existing poles are likely to be treated
w/ creosote.

There was a company in Slidell, LA that burned creosote-treated wood but
their permit was pulled.

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