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Re: [greenyes] Re: Hardcover book recycling

Our local paper recycler set up special paper-only trash cans in each
classroom at the city's public school. They employ handicapped people to
empty them twice/week whose wages are paid by the paper purchaser (nearby
mill), which turns the paper into toilet tissue. Result: 40% reduction in
school garbage, new jobs created, local economy stimulated, many trees saved
and the kids get the satisfaction of knowing their homework gets put to good
(secondary) use.

Now if only we could get the local sewage treatment plant to sell effluent
fertilizer to the paper mill's tree farms . . . I'd buy them each a copy of
Elton John's "Circle of Life"! :)


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> Major paper packers in the southeast are now blending hogged/ shredded
> with office mix for use in tissue mills. That's right, cover, binding and
> all, obsolete textbooks are being rendered suitable for flushing.
> I could see a whole new marketing angle for selling tissue to the student
> body...
> -Jay Donnaway

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