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[greenyes] Reducing paper use

Jenny writes in part "One way I cut down on paper use..."
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I will continue to use my fax machine and print from my computer also as
needed. The following real stories will help explain why:

During the numerous power outages I am able to hold a printed piece of
paper in my hand and conduct business using my cell phone or in many
cases the "land line'. When the summer thunderstorms are in progress my
computer is turned off for obvious reasons. However the fax will keep
working and I am still able to use the telephone and cell phone while
looking at a paper printed document that was in a manila file. Right now
I am having to wait 4 days(only 2 business days) while a new print head
is shipped for my inkjet printer. It seems that all the Office -----,
Best -----, and other seller/suppliers do not have basic BLACK printer
heads available for a 3 year old Canon printer. So now I wait on an
internet order to arrive. I like may consumers can not afford two
printers or $100 worth of extra print heads(black and colored) to sit on
the shelf for an emergency situation. How did this happen you may ask -
a simple paper jam that scratched the black print head.

eFax at $12 per month is not much of a bargain when I can buy two reams
of recycled paper for less than $10 including taxes.

I reuse the back side of most faxes and computer printed documents after
they are read/no longer needed and I always diligently recycle with the
exception of documents that need to be shredded for security purposes.

The last machine I want to rely on is my computer and printer when they
are known for errors, freezes/lockups, power interruptions and
replacement parts problems.

Think about this:
What would the world do if all computers were inoperable for 24 hours???

Regards..... C. William

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"Make every day an Earth Day."

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