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[greenyes] Economic Instruments Report, corrected url

Last week I posted on a recent report released by UNEP on the application of market-based economic instruments to environmental protection. I've gotten a number of inquires about the posted url not worked. Apparently, long urls do not do very well as they are transmitted through many different e-mail systems. Here is correct info:

1) The long url is listed below. All of it (ending in "pdf") must be captured for the link to work. You may need to cut and paste.

2) An alternative, shorter, url is below. Once you get to this page, scroll down to the second study for an active link.

Sorry about the mix-up.

-Doug Koplow

Doug Koplow
Earth Track, Inc.
2067 Massachusetts Avenue - 4th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02140
Tel: 617/661-4700
Fax: 617/354-0463

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