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[greenyes] Re: OCC volumes

Susan and Co.,

The ratio of OCC bales to landfill space is pretty close. According to Chaz
Miller's "Profiles in Garbage" column in Waste Age, which is accessible at Boxes
OCC in a landfill only has a density of only 750 lbs/cy, though over time I
would expect it to get closer to 1000 lbs, even without considering leachate
Miller says that in a good OCC bale, cardboard has a density of 1000-1200
Your bales, if they measure 60x30x48", contain 1.85 cubic yards apiece, and
would have a density of only 514 lbs/cy if they average 950 lbs. This class of
vertical baler usually doesn't exceed 1000/lb per bale, and small horizontals
like the EX62 usually don't exceed 1250 lbs per bale, or 677 lb/cy.
So, in conclusion, your stack of bales will be a little larger than the
equivalent landfill volume, but your 157 tons of OCC conserved as much as 419 cubic
yards of landfill space.

Go forth and claim voluminous credit!

-Jay Donnaway

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