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[greenyes] RE: occ volume

Regarding landfill volume saved by recycling OCC--
From Resource Recycling, November 1991:
Corrugated Cardboard compacted in a landfill has a density (pounds per cubic
yard) of 508 pounds. Their reference is from: BFI "Waste Compaction Study
for the Recyclery at Newby Island0," San Jose, CA October 1989 and also
referenced Office of Recycling, Dept of Env Protection, Trenton, NJ 1990.

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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 09:39:57 -0600
To: GRRN list serve <greenyes@no.address>
From: Susan Kramer <susankramer@no.address>
Subject: occ volumne
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Hoping someone out there can help with a math question. If you can
quickly figure out the volume of space saved by recycling cardboard it
would really really help me out.
We recycled 157 tons of occ, with a downstroke baler. The average
weight of the bales is around 950 lbs. The size of the bales are around
5 feet wide, I think 2 feet thick. It is a Selco Baler.
Need it this am!
Susan Kramer
Pinedale, Wyoming

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