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Re: [greenyes] textile recycling

Dear Sharon:

Nornally I like using search engines to find information on the Net. But
this is one situation where using subject directories may be worth trying.
The following are textile recycling company listings in various reputable
search directories - you will note that there is a high degree of overlap.
This is because, unlike search engines, subject directories are built on
manual URL submissions. These are companies that want to be found and
contacted. Good luck!

I also found this nifty little resource for information on different textile
grades and that you might find helpful:,DictionariesEncyclopedias/

Roger Guttentag
Read "Recycling in CyberSpace" in Rsource Recycling
April and May 2004 topic - Multifamily Recycling

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From: <Sharon_Gates@no.address>
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Sent: Friday, April 16, 2004 4:07 PM
Subject: [greenyes] textile recycling

> Any of you GreenYes'ers out there have any recommendations for what to do
> with unwearable clothing or other scrap textiles? I have been told that
> organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army recycle donated
> unsaleable textiles, but I hesitate to rely on Goodwill to do my recycling
> for me. I have taken a couple of stabs at finding textile recyclers
> either in my area or on the web, with no luck. What do you do with the
> stuff?
> Sharon Gates
> Recycling Specialist
> City of Long Beach, California
> 562/570-4694

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