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Re: [greenyes] landfill expansion

I live in California and our rules are more stringent. I am not familiar with
the exact procedure, but regarding your specific question to diversion. One way
that diversion is addressed in our state is through the California Environmental
Quality Act (CEQA) which requuires an environmental impact analysis of the
entire expansion project. The impact analysis compares the project against the
existing conditions and then requires wherever there is potential for
significant environmental impact for the applicant to mitigate the impacts or if
they can not be mitigated get a finding of over-riding consideration for public
benifit. Diversion requirements may be part of the required mitigations of the
expansion project if there is public oversight to get such requirements

Additionally in California we have AB 939 which requires all counties and cities
to meet the 50% diversion goal. And then the landfill permit is linked to 939
by a statuate that says: Statute: A new or expanding solid waste facility is
required to be in compliance with Public Resources Code (PRC) Section 50001
which states that the site identification must be described in the Nondisposal
Facility Element (NDFE) or the Siting Element (SE) of the County Integrated
Waste Management Plan (CIWMP).The LEA must verify this information before the
permit application can be accepted as complete and correct. And that Landfills:
If the permit is for a landfill, the Board must make a finding that the
"proposed permit is consistent with the approved (or amended) Countywide Siting
Element and therefore is consistent with the County Integrated Waste Management
Plan" (September 2000 Board Decision). .

Hope this is somewhat informative- Others in California may want to comment or
correct me if they think there is more to it then this.

Outside of California there may be the possibility of calling on NEPA to help
mitigate and require diversion programs.

Toni Stein
Menlo Park, CA

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> Hello-
> I am researching state requirements for expanding landfills. It appears
> that most states mimic the language set forth by the Resource
> Conservation and Recovery Act. Are there any states that have gone
> beyond this? For example, have any states required that landfill
> diversion methods be investigated before a landfill is expanded,
> regardless of whether or not that expansion will meet minimum health and
> environmental guidelines? Does anyone know of a possible resource that
> may contain this information?
> Matthew Mader
> Eco-Cycle

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