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[greenyes] USDA rejects voluntary testing for BSE

This is an update on the voluntary BSE testing issue. The final answer has been delivered: No.

Here are two articles on the topic:

Quotes from this article:

"The test is now licensed for animal health surveillance purposes,"
Hawks stated. "The use of the test as proposed by Creekstone would
have implied a consumer safety aspect that is not scientifically

The USDA announced a major expansion of its BSE testing program in
mid-March but has rejected calls for testing of all cattle, saying
it is not scientifically justified. Hawks' statement today mentioned
the plan to increase testing and noted that an international panel
of BSE experts concluded that testing of all cattle is unnecessary
because the disease doesn't appear in younger animals.

Quote from this article:

Such plans have drawn fire from many in the beef industry who
believe the tests would amount to an added cost burden. While some
other small meat packers have endorsed Creekstone's efforts, major
producers and processors believe Creekstone's plan would set a bad
precedent and potentially leave consumers unsettled.

"We want a level playing field for all companies based on science,"
said Gary Webber, director of regulatory affairs for the National
Cattlemen's Beef Association.

It is never too late to write to your local paper or congressman.

Sue Brownawell

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