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RE: [greenyes] landfill expansion

Hi Matthew ~

Wisconsin requires the proposer of a landfill to look at alternatives of
waste reduction and recovery, but the landfill developers do the analysis
only reluctantly and have been asking to be relieved of this duty. Our state
environmental regulatory agency has a committee that is examining this
request, along with other requirements for landfill feasibility reports.

The statute is s. 289.24 (1) (g) and the regulation (administrative code) is
NR 512.18; both can be found through

Best wishes,

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI

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> From: eric.vozick [mailto:eric.vozick@no.address]
> Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 1:18 PM
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> Subject: [greenyes] landfill expansion
> Hello-
> I am researching state requirements for expanding landfills.
> It appears
> that most states mimic the language set forth by the Resource
> Conservation and Recovery Act. Are there any states that have gone
> beyond this? For example, have any states required that landfill
> diversion methods be investigated before a landfill is expanded,
> regardless of whether or not that expansion will meet minimum
> health and
> environmental guidelines? Does anyone know of a possible
> resource that
> may contain this information?
> Matthew Mader
> Eco-Cycle

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