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RE: [greenyes] Re: seeking construction site recycling brochure e xamples
Here is a link to San Jose's C&D recycling program, which includes a number
of links to other programs and organizations.

You can also go to the Construction & Demolition Council's links page at (the CDC is a Technical Council of the California Resource
Recovery Association).

Stephen M Bantillo
City of San José, Environmental Services Department
Integrated Waste Management
777 North First Street, Suite 300
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 277-3846   Office and VMail
(408) 277-3669   Fax      

Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 11:18:00 -0800
To: "greenyes@no.address" <greenyes@no.address>
From: Melissa Kelley <mkelley@no.address>
Subject: seeking construction site recycling brochure examples
Message-ID: <3FCCE568.1080103@no.address>

The City of Rohnert Park (California) is going to create a brief 
brochure/easy reference guide about how to recycle at a construction job 
site. The brochure will address topics such as why contractors should 
recycle and how to organize onsite recycling for ease and efficiency. 
Can anyone recommend a a good example of a brochure that addresses these 
topics? Versions available on the Web would be particularly helpful.

Thank you.

Melissa Kelley
Arcadia Marketing Services 

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