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Re: [greenyes] Re: greenyes Digest Is there really more trash for the holidays?
I don't have a scientific method, but when I'm out
driving around after Christmas time I notice larger
piles at peoples curbs.  (Except for my own house
where we put out the usual amount, since our recycling
includes mixed paper (non-metallic gift wrap) and

I'm sure Madison has a good recycling program.  
Cities who are recycling items such as mixed paper
(gift wrap), cardboard, and wine bottles (and even egg
nog cartons) - this surge in trash around Christmas
wouldn't so as much apply.

Just my thoughts.  I've enjoyed this discussion,
thanks everyone.

--- Blair Pollock <bpollock@no.address> wrote:
> John. et al:
> Is it possible that Madison data is different from
> other places as the students influence the flow of
> waste. isn't the campus population of students
> alone, not including faculty or staff in the 40,000
> range. If most of them leave town in Dec for
> holidays that could account for the lowered waste
> gen. rate then. That same logic would also correlate
> well with the high in waste in May (when the
> students clear out and leave their detritus) and in
> August when they return and there is a big slug of
> new consumption. 

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