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[greenyes] Biodiesel
We are analyzing various options for our contracts for collection of
garbage and recycling.  One of the options we are considering in the
analysis is biodiesel.  My question is "if the biodiesel is made from
waste grease (like french fry oil) then the plants grown to produce the
oil used to fry the fries would have been grown even if the waste oil
wasn't later used for biodiesel.  So do you get to claim that you have a
reduction in green house gases when this is the source for the
biodiesel?"  (My fingers are crossed that this is not a really really
dumb question!)  Also, does anyone know of a more recent study on
biodiesel's benefits around C02 than the NREL May 1998 "An Overview of
Biodiesel and Petroleum Diesel Life Cycles" which states a 78% reduction
in C02 compared with regular diesel?

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