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Re: [greenyes] Need Home for Computer Programming Text Books
Long Beach Unified School District sends their discard books to Children's 
Books of the World, an organization that distributes used books in various 
countries.  I'm afraid I don't have contact information for them.

If you decide to recycle your books, you might want to talk to your public 
library folks and find out who takes their discards.  In Long Beach, 
Weyerhaeuser collects from our main library, and Pan Pacific Fiber 
collects from our branches.  The companies don't charge us for this 
service, as their revenue from the recovered paper apparently covers their 
costs of collection & removing bindings.  I've also been told by a local 
community college recycling center that they can accept small quantities 
of books in with their mixed paper.  If there are few enough books, the 
contamination is small enough that the paper is still saleable.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

Ann Schneider <schneiderann@no.address>
07/10/2003 11:40 AM

        To:     RRaRC-CRRA@no.address, CRRA@no.address, greenyes@no.address
        Subject:        [greenyes] Need Home for Computer Programming Text Books

Hi GRRN, CRRA listserve and RRaRC Listserve:

In prep for a big remodel of my house, my partner is getting rid of all
of his computer programming and related text books.  They date from the
late 80s.  And I may have some biology, geography text books to donate. 
If I can find a home for them.

I know text books are difficult to get rid of, espessionally when a new
edition is probably out.  But I was wondering if some organization
collects science text books for developing nations.  I mean basically, a
text book on basic is still basic.  Owww.

So if you know of a group please let me know and I'll try to give them
these books.  If not, I any clues to anyone who'll take the books for

Ann Schneider
Mountain View Calif.

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