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RE: [greenyes] Need Home for Computer Programming Text Books

For the last several years we've been working through "Books for Africa" for
book reuse.  I can hardly say enough about how pleased I am to send books
their way - they describe their work as an effort to end the "book famine".
They are awesome!  I'm not sure how wide their network is at present, but
I'd guess it's big.  Check out the website below for more details.

We collect hardcovers locally here in Winona, generally from school and
public libraries, and book dealers, and them truck them to St. Paul, where
they put on cargo containers.  Some of their program parameters are:  all
books must be hardcover, no paperback novels, no magazines or National
Geographics, no pre-1985 science & psychology books, and no pre-1985

Here's their contact information:

Books for Africa
253 East 4th St., Suite 200
St. Paul, MN  55101  USA
ph.  651.602.9844
email:  bfa@no.address

Anne Morse
Winona County Environmental Services
Winona, MN  55987

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Subject: [greenyes] Need Home for Computer Programming Text Books

Hi GRRN, CRRA listserve and RRaRC Listserve:

In prep for a big remodel of my house, my partner is getting rid of all
of his computer programming and related text books.  They date from the
late 80s.  And I may have some biology, geography text books to donate. 
If I can find a home for them.

I know text books are difficult to get rid of, espessionally when a new
edition is probably out.  But I was wondering if some organization
collects science text books for developing nations.  I mean basically, a
text book on basic is still basic.  Owww.

So if you know of a group please let me know and I'll try to give them
these books.  If not, I any clues to anyone who'll take the books for

Ann Schneider
Mountain View Calif.

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