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[greenyes] Need Home for Computer Programming Text Books
Hi GRRN, CRRA listserve and RRaRC Listserve:

In prep for a big remodel of my house, my partner is getting rid of all
of his computer programming and related text books.  They date from the
late 80s.  And I may have some biology, geography text books to donate. 
If I can find a home for them.

I know text books are difficult to get rid of, espessionally when a new
edition is probably out.  But I was wondering if some organization
collects science text books for developing nations.  I mean basically, a
text book on basic is still basic.  Owww.

So if you know of a group please let me know and I'll try to give them
these books.  If not, I any clues to anyone who'll take the books for

Ann Schneider
Mountain View Calif.

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