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Re: [greenyes] Resin Code

I'm not sure I understand your question, but here's what I know.  I'd
think Peter Anderson could give you a very definite response on this.

When the SPI (Society of Plastics Industries) developed these resin
codes (1-7), it was done so because intermediate processors (recyclers)
needed some way to identify the resin type of each plastic bottle with
certainty so they could be sorted properly.  The individual plastic
bottle manufacturers can voluntarily sign on to this coding program
simply by using it during the production process by stamping the code on
each botte.  So, at some point in the supply chain, every 'empty' bottle
made by a manufacturer who is using the coding system has the resin
identification imprint on it - which we know as the 3 chasing arrows
with the resin number inside it and the resin acronym under the arrows. 
Once a new bottle is made with this imprint, which in every case I'm
aware of is hot stamped into the bottle itself, it will retain that code
until it is recycled (flaked, chipped, etc.).  I've seen the codes on
all kinds of bottles including those for foods, beverages, personal care
items, chemicals, soaps and cleaning materials.  It's application seems
to be solely based on whether the bottle maker chooses to use the SPI
coding system during the manufacturing process.

I hope this helps.


>>> "Pat Franklin" <pfranklin@no.address> 07/11/03 11:18AM
Plastic Bottle Question:  Are "ALL" plastic bottles required to have a
code (number)?  Is it only bottles that are filled with a beverage,
food or
other product that have to have the code, or are "empty" plastic
also required to have the code?

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