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[GreenYes] blueprint recycling questions
I'm looking for information about recycling blueprint paper, on behalf
of a client who has a lot of it.  (I found some info in greenyes
archives from a few months ago, but am hoping maybe someone can give me
some answers to a few more specific questions.) My questions/concerns
1) is there a point at which the ammonia outgasses enough that the 
is safe to recycle?  (eg old yellowed blueprints)
2) is there an easy way to distinguish between (recyclable) oversize
photocopied plans and (nonrecyclable) 'blackline' prints made with the
ammonia process?
3) we understand that ammonia process is in phase-out: any info on how
quickly this is happening, regulatory or otherwise?
4) are processors ok with accepting oversize photocopies, or do they
tend to reject them as blueprints?
5) is there any market anywhere for ammonia-process blueprint paper?
6)  other....?
any info or suggestions on where to go for info much appreciated!  
Connie Cloak and Chris CarrieriC2: Alternative Services758 Pine St, Santa Rosa CA 95404office: 707/568-3783home: 707/573-9808fax: 707/575-6866emails: connie@no.address; chris@no.address

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