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RE: [GreenYes] EPA's arrogance
Hi Karen --

I did a little research, and there are two other resources in your area you
can try.  Keep in mind that your festival (I checked your web site) is
during the Labor Day weekend, so many offices will be short staffed.

DCCA (Dept Commerce and Community affairs)  Missy Block 217-557-1681
Rockford Regional Office (EPA) Laurie Moyer 815-987-7760

Another idea is to simply get some materials *now* from the EPA and have
someone else deliver a talk.  I mean ... we're talking about kids, right?
It's not as though you'll need to be fluent in CO2 emmisions from the Giant
Slip and Slide.  I'll bet the EPA would be thrilled to help someone from
your staff script it in advance.

Good luck!

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