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[GreenYes] Recycling's Future and Pigovian taxes
Interesting.  I had also never heard the term "Pigovian Taxes." I learned 
something today.  Still, one wonders who the exhalted people are who sit in 
judgement of what's "good" not to tax and what is "bad" that needs to be 
stopped via taxation.

Here in Nebraska we have high taxes on cigarettes.  Pigovian?  You bet.  Glad 
I don't smoke anymore.  These taxes, we are told, are being hiked every year 
to discourage a "bad" thing, which of course is smoking.  They mention that 
raising the tax is for "the children" for added emphasis.  This year, 
cigarette taxes are being raised again to help with a growing tax shortfall.  
If everyone quits smoking I'm not sure what Nebraska will do for extra money. 
 On the national level too, we give out crop subsidies for tobacco farmers on 
the one hand, but also fund anti-smoking campaigns with the other.  I suspect 
the crop subsidies are "Porkovian" in nature thanks to the power of tobacco 
state members of Congress.

I'm not sure about taxing behavior because I'm not sure who we are supposed 
to bestow with the power to determine good and bad.  As you can see from the 
tobacco example above, I'm not sure the politicians are able.   What's 
everyone else think?

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc./Refuse News
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