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Re: [GreenYes] Recycling's Future and Pigovian taxes
Well, I think what pigovian taxes are about is the line between 'markets' 
and 'society', which is a very interesting and much ignored juncture. WE 
count on markets to make some decisions, but count on society to make 
others. That is what 'politics' is for: in a healthy political system, 
people are constantly providing feedback to their governments about what 
they value, and governments in turn provide feedback to actors in 'the 
market' (e.g. Pigovian taxes). In a functioning democracy, we daily 
'bestow' on accountable delegates that power not to 'determine' good and 
bad, but to faithfully *understand and translate* our values of good and 
bad (or get voted out of office).



At 06:56 PM 02/26/2002 -0500, wrote:



>I'm not sure about taxing behavior because I'm not sure who we are supposed
>to bestow with the power to determine good and bad.

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