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[GreenYes] Junk Mail--The FAX!
Some early afternoons here at the office after the mail has arrived I busy 
myself by sending credit card offers and other pieces of junk mail back to 
the sender via his very own postage paid envelope.  Before sealing the 
envelope I make sure to kindly ask to be removed from the junk mail list.  I 
stuff the envelope it came in, all associated papers etc., hoping the weight 
exceeds the cost of one stamp and mail it back to them.  It's pretty 

The thing I've been battling for about a year is junk faxes.  About a month 
ago I hit on an idea that doesn't exactly reduce waste in the short term, but 
hopefully has begun to over the long haul.  I bill the company that sends me 
the junk fax.  If their mailing address isn't shown on the junk fax, a 
toll-free number usually is.  I dial it and ask for accounts payable.  Once I 
get an address, I prepare an invoice for $5.00--and note that it covers our 
time, our paper resources, our toner resources, and wear and tear on the fax. 
 In small print at the bottom I also note for their information that junk 
faxes are illegal unless specifically requested.  I've gotten back a couple 
of $5.00 checks along with a note congratulating us on our resourcefulness.

Some, of course, don't take the hint and we don't bill them again because we 
want to save our paper, envelopes and stamps, but the message gets through:  
If you are going to solicit me unbidden, you are going to pay if it uses MY 

Just an idea.  I've enjoyed reading some of the others posted today.

John Waddell
KJWB Publications Inc./Refuse News
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