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Re: [GreenYes] Recycling lids vs containers
Some recycling programs accept only "narrow-neck"
containers because of the difference in melting
temperature.  Plastic tubs are injection molded, while
bottles ("narrow necks") are blow molded...thats the
difference...Tubs can't be recycled with the narrow
necks.  I'd assume plastic lids are injection molded,
and therefore, could be recycled with the tubs - or a
program which collects non-narrow neck plastic.  You
should be aware that some recycling programs do accept
"ALL PLASTIC BOTTLES" (narrow necks only) - but they
only really recycle #1 and #2's...That might have
something to do with it to.
If your program actually does recycle #1-7 and it
accepts blow molded and injection molded plastics,
that is ALL plastic with a # - then it should also
accept lids with a #.  If a lid does not have a number
it would still have to go in the trash.  As always,
lids would have to be removed weather they're to be
placed in the trash or your recycling bin.
I hope this answers your qustion.

--- Indigo Teiwes-Cain
<> wrote:
> Hi folks --
> A quick question:
> I live in Portland, Oregon.  Our local recycler
> doesn't recycle plastic lids
> to containers.  Actually, the recycler specified
> that it only recycles
> plastic bottles with a NECK. If we go to a local
> collection station
> (non-metro site) we can recycle a wider range of
> containers (no "neck"
> requirement, just limited by the plastic #), but
> still no lids can be
> recycled.
> So, if I have a # 2 bottle with a neck, it is
> recyclable in the metro
> program, but a #2 lid (made of the same type of
> plastic right?) is not.
> Alternatively if I have a #2 no-neck container, it
> is recyclable at local
> collection sites, but the #2 lid is no.
> I understand some plastics are not cost effective,
> but shape seems to
> dictate something and I don't understand why.
> Can anyone offer some insight or explanation on
> this?
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