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[GreenYes] Recycling lids vs containers

Hi folks --

A quick question:

I live in Portland, Oregon.  Our local recycler doesn't recycle plastic lids
to containers.  Actually, the recycler specified that it only recycles
plastic bottles with a NECK. If we go to a local collection station
(non-metro site) we can recycle a wider range of containers (no "neck"
requirement, just limited by the plastic #), but still no lids can be

So, if I have a # 2 bottle with a neck, it is recyclable in the metro
program, but a #2 lid (made of the same type of plastic right?) is not.
Alternatively if I have a #2 no-neck container, it is recyclable at local
collection sites, but the #2 lid is no.

I understand some plastics are not cost effective, but shape seems to
dictate something and I don't understand why.

Can anyone offer some insight or explanation on this?

Indigo Teiwes-Cain
Research Analyst
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