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[GreenYes] Landfills, dumps andlanguage nuances
RE: Gretchen Brewer's comment:

  . . . I've also noticed that the Brits (& maybe the Aussies) call a 
trash can or garbage can used indoors a "dust bin" or "rubbish bin". 
I don't know what word they use for a recycling receptacle, but it's 
not dust bin or rubbish bin.. . .

When I was in England back in '84 I had discussions with some 
gardening writers who suggested that for my book, "Worms Eat My 
Garbage" to be truly acceptable to the the British, it would need to 
be translated from American to English. When I asked for an example 
of a term that they would not use, they said "Garbage, for one. We 
don't use that word." I asked, "What do you use, then?" "Rubbish." I 
then asked, "So what is "garbage" to you?"  They replied, "It's 
American for rubbish."

Somehow "Worms Eat My Rubbish" didn't have the same ring that "Worms 
Eat My Garbage" did, so I never pursued it further.

Mary Appelhof
Mary Appelhof, Author of "Worms Eat My Garbage"
Flowerfield Enterprises
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