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Re: [GreenYes] Re: The need for respectful diagreement / attitudes toward capitalistic economies
Dear Roger

Thank you for taking the trouble to comment on what people write on the
list, in this case, me particularly...

I have no intention of taking up bandwidth in either an attacking or
defensive response, but would, in the interests of brevity, mention a
few points that inform my thinking, that may actually prove of use, and
assist in the struggle that we are all waging, in our own ways...

1) I believe in freedom of speech. A humorous characterisation of people
surely is included in this?

2) The assumption you make, that the economic model practised mainly by
the North is somehow acceptable to everybody, just because the North
practises it, is less than rigorous thinking - I would suggest a more
thorough world-view analysis to provide a better context for the
assertions you make. The applicability and impact on the other 4.5
billion people on the planet refers... 

3) The "efficiency" of production and delivery is at a massive cost to
life - all life, particularly human - this does not justify the profits
made by anybody, as no life can be paid for in dollars. The "trade off"
is unacceptable.
4) The regions you quote as having "adopted" this model of being driven
by profits makes up about 25% of the world's population, but consumes
80% of the planets resources and produces much the same amount of
 pollution. If this is acceptable to your sense of fairness and
morality, then we have nothing further to discuss on this particular
aspect of the debate, and can simply agree to disagree.

The kinds of corporate people I come across mostly fit into the two
options I outlined previously - those that have a modicum of genuine
responsibility would probably measure less than 10 % - that is how it is
here, as unpalatable as it to many of us...

again, thank you for raising your points - being questioned always helps
clarify my mind and determination, and often boosts my passion too!
best wishes

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