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Re: [GreenYes] World Oil Peak / Carbohydrate Economy
Muna, I don't think that people are stuck in the mud so much as
they, at the encouragement of their leaders, are clinging to
outmoded ways of living (at the expense of the future). Consider
the recent statements by President Bush. In what amounts to an
attack on the natural environment and living things everywhere, he
proclaimed (I paraphrase) that 'everyone knows that energy
extraction creates jobs.' Apparently he hasn't read the reports
showing that extractive industries are not a growth segment of the
economy and do not generate many new jobs. Neither does he
acknowledge the slew of new industries nurtured by green
technologies that do. These latter comprise one of the fastest
growing slices of his economy and are successful despite his

How can we make old school business people and ordinary citizens
aware of the advantages of organic farming, waste reducing
technologies, and bio-based chemicals, or the harm caused by their
opposite numbers, when they never hear a word of it from leaders
like Bush? To the contrary, nearly every utterance from their
mouths promulgates misinformation and promotes policies that are
short-sighted for the sake of the few. The economic measurement is
grossly out of whack. Pronouncements from government leaders make
headlines and become policy. When Bush says organic farming is the
future, millions will listen. Until then, I'm afraid progress will
be much slower than that.


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Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2002 6:05 AM
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] World Oil Peak / Carbohydrate Economy

> Roger Guttentag wrote:
> >
> > I agree with David's opinion about the need for our world
economy to
> > transition away from our near total reliance on fossil
> >  I am sure that everyone on this list will exclaim,
> > "of course, it must be done on a sustainable basis" but in the
US we have a
> > history of hearing only one part of the message.  I am
particularly afraid
> > that the sustainability message will be completed ignored if
the transition
> > to "renewable" energy sources occurs in the form of a panicked
stampede when
> > the fossil oil pricing crisis commences later in this decade.
> >
> > The dilemma I see now is that if we wait till market pricing
force marches
> > our economies into relying on non-oil alternatives, it will be
done in panic
> > mode as mentioned above.  Not relying on market forces to
begin our
> > transitioning will require government action which I don't see
> > under the present administration based on the energy plan
issued last year.
> It seems hard to believe that agronomists / farmers cannot see
> evidence for themselves - it has been proven, time and time
again, that
> an organic / permaculture approach not only produces more of
> quality, but requires fewer input costs, therby making it more
> profitable - and the giant strides made by renewable energy is
> ignored - the market is booming, but some idiots (in Sa and the
> wish to push for more nukes...
> the safe alternatives make sound business sense NOW - are people
> stuck in the mud?
> regards
> Muna
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