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Re: [GreenYes] World Oil Peak / Carbohydrate Economy
David Wollner wrote:
> Muna, I don't think that people are stuck in the mud so much as
> they, at the encouragement of their leaders, are clinging to
> outmoded ways of living (at the expense of the future). Consider
> the recent statements by President Bush. 

Thank you for the input, David...

I have a strange dichotomy in my head about the knowledge of corporate
people - some seem to knowingly ignore anything that does not agree with
their world view - others are so locked into the profiteering mode, that
they often don't come across alternatives....

Ignoring the fact that GW Shrub (may be called Bush when he matures!
*grin*) appears to us as a person of ,limited intelligence, and seems no
more than a puppet for the very fossilised fossil fuel industry, there
are ways to make impacts on those who are "clinging" to the outmoded
ways, based on fear and ignorance..

for example:
I have had good successes in "selling" Zero Waste to companies, but (my
deceitful nature!) using the banner - Waste Minimisation; not only did
they agree that they would face liabilities if they did not implement
such a programme, but also got thinking about sustainability. So, even
if the product cannot be considered truly sustainable, the waste and
polution dropped 80%, and there is now an active search for more
sustainable alternatives, as it has been seen very clearly that not
using toxic material to begin with, will minimise the waste and
pollution much more easily...

yes, this is a simplistic report, but maybe it will encourage us all to
know that a difference, and a change, can and must be made!

take care all...


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