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Re: [GreenYes] World Oil Peak / Carbohydrate Economy
Roger Guttentag wrote:
> I agree with David's opinion about the need for our world economy to
> transition away from our near total reliance on fossil oils.......   

>  I am sure that everyone on this list will exclaim,
> "of course, it must be done on a sustainable basis" but in the US we have a
> history of hearing only one part of the message.  I am particularly afraid
> that the sustainability message will be completed ignored if the transition
> to "renewable" energy sources occurs in the form of a panicked stampede when
> the fossil oil pricing crisis commences later in this decade.
> The dilemma I see now is that if we wait till market pricing force marches
> our economies into relying on non-oil alternatives, it will be done in panic
> mode as mentioned above.  Not relying on market forces to begin our
> transitioning will require government action which I don't see happening
> under the present administration based on the energy plan issued last year.

It seems hard to believe that agronomists / farmers cannot see the
evidence for themselves - it has been proven, time and time again, that
an organic / permaculture approach not only produces more of better
quality, but requires fewer input costs, therby making it more
profitable - and the giant strides made by renewable energy is also
ignored - the market is booming, but some idiots (in Sa and the USA)
wish to push for more nukes...

the safe alternatives make sound business sense NOW - are people so
stuck in the mud?


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